My Journey (GSOC 2014)


I heard from a friend who participated in GSOC 2013 about how amazing her project is and how she had the freedom to complete a project by her own without much restriction from organization. When GSOC opened its online portal with projects submitted by the organizations, I looked up to find the interesting project.
I always love to contribute back to the education industry. Here, the project submitted by buildmlearn gave me the opportunity to create a game that can help to teach the kids the concept about date and time really caught my interest. I started to plan my proposal and made some sketches on the UI, communicated with the mentor about my idea to gain feedback. It was a fun experience to share ideas around. As I am drafting my project proposal, I asked my friends and relative who had children, observe how the kids play with those interactive kids game. I also looked up for the math syllabus that are taught to the kid at the age of  4 to 10.
After a few weeks of communication with the mentor, I had a rough idea of what she wanted.


Here is a screenshot of my project proposal that I have submitted. After the submission there is a one month evaluation period where the organizing would have to rank and select the student’s proposal.

A month later, I received an email from the GSOC that I was selected. I contacted the mentor to ask about the development plan.

After these is the intensive 3 months development work. From designing the UI, to coding the game logic and putting everything together, testing and refining.

Here are some of my initial prototype of the game.


After completing the game logic. I revamped the UI which is one of the toughest and time consuming part of the development. As android devices have many different resolution, the UI has to take into account of all these devices. The UI may end up too big for smaller devices or to small on devices with full hd resolution. This requires a lot of testing and adjustment to fix it.

Here is my revamped UI.


Overall, the GSOC experience was intensive yet fun. What could be best when you can do work at your home, has the freedom to implement your idea into an interesting project that you like.

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